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July 10, 2020
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D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

Boy they have made some changes to Downtown Disney!  Since it has been rebranded ‘Disney Springs’ there have been some great additions of new shops and restaurants that had to be explored!  On my recent trip I decided I had to try a few of them to see what all the fuss was about.

I love burgers and generally all kinds of food that may not be healthy for me, so naturally our first stop had to be D-Luxe Burger.  We had read such great reviews about this place and were looking forward to it.  It was our first night in Disney as we had flown in on an early flight that morning and we were really hungry.  We checked in to Saratoga Springs, walked over to Disney Springs and straight to D-Luxe Burger.

We looked at the menu and there were a few kinds of burgers to choose from.  I went with the Classic Cheeseburger while my sister tried the Southern Classic.  I mentioned to her while we waited for the food that I wasn’t sure I could give an objective review because when I’m really hungry everything tastes extra good!  You know how it is; you feel like you could chew off your own arm and it would be delicious??  Ya, I was starving.

The food came and I couldn’t believe the size of the burger.  My first thought was “how am I going to take a bite out of this?” but it turned out to be simpler than I thought.  The first bite was delicious, second bite was okay… third bite and I was wondering what all the fuss was about?  The meat was a little ‘pink’ for my liking and in the end I probably only ate 1/3 of the burger.   It really wasn’t as flavorful as it looked like it should be and the fries were just okay.  My sister had the same reaction with hers and struggled to find the actual tomato in her ‘fried green tomato’, it was just all batter.

The dessert was a Red Velvet Burger Macaron.  At first I was disturbed that it looked like an actual burger – my eyes and brain were in conflict as I knew it would taste sweet, but it looked like it should taste like a burger.  I have to say though, it was delicious and the highlight of our meal.  

As with any food review, everyone has their own taste.  You may go and love it, we didn’t.  I’m glad we tried it, but it won’t be on our list of ‘must do’ places.

Let me know if you’ve visited D-Luxe burger and tell me what you think of the food.

Dluxe burger-1

The menu:

dluxe menu-1

Classic Cheeseburger and Fries

dluxe burger and fri...

Southern Classic:

dluxe southern class...


dluxe dessert-1


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